T h e   M i r a c l e   M i n u t e   B o o k

Create a Miracle Minute in your life every day!

Beautifully illustrated and specially designed for gifting, this inspiring book makes the perfect gift to give yourself and those you care about!

With each Miracle Minute in this book, you are supported in focusing on what is really important, making choices for what is truly essential, and daily developing a deeper relationship with the Eternal that puts you in the center of a life-giving stream of abundance and well being.

You can read this book front to back all at once, or one page every day, or just open this book anywhere you want and enter into your own
Miracle Minute.

You will become more alive as you enter into your own adventure with each new page. You’ll be amazed that the Infinite knows how to find you at the right time to give you just the message you needed!

Written by best-selling author and speaker Mary Morrissey.
Designed, edited and produced by Judi Paliungas.

Hard Cover, Full Color, 192 easy-to-read pages