Make-Up & Hair Styling Tips

Makeup for Men

Men – before by-passing this whole topic, look in a mirror at your face. What color is your skin? How's the complexion? Circles under the eyes? Are your nose and forehead shiny? You want to look your best in your portrait, and it's perfectly OK for men to blotter the forehead, put a little powder on for portraits. Even a little lightener under the eyes or blush on the cheeks. Nearly all male actors wear makeup when on camera.

Makeup for Women

Ladies, in applying your makeup, put it on a little heavier than you wear it for normal daytime. Camera lighting tends to wash out colors, so don't worry, heavier makeup will look tasteful and natural in your portrait. It's a good idea to bring all your makeup to the session along with some tissues and cold cream.

Note: If you would like to have the services of a hair and makeup artist to help you prepare for your portraits, let us know. We are priveleged to be able to call on some of the area's finest to assist you. Rates vary by services provided and are paid directly to the makeup artist.


Real basic here: Make sure your hair is clean and styled the way you want it when you get to the session. And bring your brush, comb, spray, gel, whatever you might need to re-do it! If your hair needs to be cut before the session, have it done at least a week prior to having your portraits made. If you are having your hair styled specifically for the session, have it done just before going to your portrait session.



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